Ashli McCarty
​Barren River District Health Department

Patrick Merritt
A Plus Family Healthcare

Scott Williams
Allen County Health Department

Charity Crowe
UK Healthcare

Susan Eagle
Western Kentucky University

The BRIGHT Coalition is open to any individual or organizational representative who is interested and who supports the coalition’s purpose and vision.  In our 10 years of work, our membership has included representatives from the community, health care, business, nonprofit, government, public health, education, mental health, and other sectors. We are actively recruiting, with our priority issues driving recruitment targeting. There is no fee to be a BRIGHT Coalition member, although your organization can donate to BRIGHT or to a specific initiative.

To learn more about joining the BRIGHT Coalition, please contact Marina Rust at

Lisa Goldy
Community Member, Allen County

Amanda Howard
​​Med Center Health

Matt Hunt
​Barren River District Health Department

Sarah Widener
​Med Center Health

Joe Dan Beavers
​Lifeskills, Inc

Coalition members include representative from...

John Lillybridge

​Fairview Community Health Center

Board of Directors

Annette Runyon
Med Center Health