The 2022-2025 CHA/CHIP is now available! In addition to our usual document, we've created and will be running a Community Health Assessment Dashboard where you can find more data on our community and its health. Visit by clicking below.

What do CHA and CHIP mean?


CHA stands for Community Health Assessment. Every 3 years, the Coalition completes a CHA for the BRADD region, which entails surveying the community, collecting data, and analyzing results to see what the biggest issues or needs are for the community, especially as it relates to health and social determinants of health.

Then the CHA informs our Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The CHIP is a layout of our goals, objectives, and strategies for the priority healthy issues/needs we identify from the CHA. Once we develop our CHIP, we share it (and an Executive Summary) with the community and get to work!

Coming soon! We are developing performance management trackers for our CHIP objectives! These trackers will let you check in on our progress for the three years covered by the CHA/CHIP. Stay tuned on the Our Priority Issues page.

CHA/CHIP 2022-2025 Booklet Cover with both BRIGHT Coalition logos