Community Nutrition Stakeholders

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The Community Nutrition Stakeholder Group knows that healthy people are fueled by healthy diets. For this reason, this group works hard to promote locally-grown food as both a major health asset and as a means of strengthening our local economy.  They also work to make healthy foods more accessible to everyone in the BRADD. 

Some of the major goals of the Community Nutrition Stakeholder Group are:

  • To increase the number of area farmers markets that accept WIC farmers market vouchers, senior citizen nutrition vouchers, SNAP benefits and University-Based Food Dollars (such as WKU's Big Red Dollars).
  • To increase community awareness of the nutrition options available to them, especially as it relates to locally-grown food options and farmers market availability.
  • To increase the number of Farm-to-School programs in BRADD public schools.
  • To increase the number of community/neighborhood organizations that advocate for and model healthy eating.

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