Community Walk/Bike  Stakeholders

Walk/Bike Partners

The Community Walk/Bike Stakeholders are working to get our community moving in healthy and sustainable ways! This group works to build support for the development and expansion of sidewalks and walking/biking trails throughout the BRADD. They also help promote cycling and pedestrian safety through educational presentations and by advocating for policy change to make our communities safer for our walkers and cyclists.

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The Community Walk/Bike Stakeholders' work includes...

  1. Educate policymakers about the benefits of Joint Use Agreements for physical activity facilities (e.g. school playgrounds, those operated by faith-based organizations, and other non-public physical activity facilities)  to start county-level conversations about how sharing such facilities increases opportunities for physical activity.
  2. Increase the number of BRADD communities with greenways, sidewalks and bike path plans to encourage active transportation and to help reduce transportation-related barriers to healthcare, nutrition, education, and occupational opportunities. 
  3. Build support for city or county-wide indoor smoke-free ordinances in public facilities to reduce the secondhand smoke exposure rates in the BRADD.

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