Health Equity Stakeholders

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Health Equity Partners

The Health Equity Group partners are collecting and sharing ideas from schools who are making positive, health-promoting changes. This group also works beyond the public school system to promote community education through partnerships with agencies serving their target populations.  Some of our priorities are as follows:

Schools as Healthy Places to Learn:

  • Identify which public schools are, or are not, tobacco-free campuses and share how those that are tobacco-free have achieved this goal.
  • Provide support as needed for schools that adopt a "tobacco-free campus" or "smoke-free campus" policy with implementation help such as parent and family educational messages, promotional materials, help with signage, etc.
  • Provide education and resources to support more schools as they move away from a "Food as Rewards" culture.
  • Support more schools in development of an education program on healthy lunch alternatives for students or staff who bring their own lunch.

Access to Preventive Health Services:

  • Support at least one additional school in development of a strong prenatal education program for pregnant students.
  • From the first trimester through postpartum infant care, support young mothers with education and access to services.
  • Share our resources, outcomes and lessons learned to help other schools start or enhance a high school perinatal program.