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Healthcare Stakeholders: Obesity


How We Help:

The Healthcare Stakeholders address our priority health issues by improving healthcare access in the BRADD. Some examples of how they do this include:

  1. Requesting a recalculation of Primary Care HPSA (Health Professional Shortage Area) scores for BRADD counties that lack updated and accurate data.
  2. Assessing the capacity, efficiency, and quality of the BRADD system of mental health services to improve access to care, to address provider gaps and needs, to to better coordinate care.
  3. Working to promote the BRIGHT coalition as a voice for health among local grassroots organizations and other statewide organizations.
  4. Getting Medicaid patients actively engaged in their care by advocating/educating on the advantages of partnership with their primary care providers in order to increase proper utilization of primary care providers and to reduce inappropriate use of Emergency Departments.