We envision every resident in the Barren River Area Development District having the best quality of life possible by ensuring a safe place to live, work, and play. Healthy individuals, families, and communities are the cornerstone of this vision. The vision includes equal opportunities to be healthy with an emphasis on personal responsibility for their own health and wellness, and collaboration among all stakeholders. 

Examples of How You Can Contribute:

Any community member is welcome to help us achieve our vision. 

  • Attend our monthly meetings where you'll be an active part of planning and implementing our strategies to improve the community's health and quality of life.
  • Help us promote locally grown food as a major health asset and a means of strengthening our regional economy. 
  • Support the development and expansion of sidewalks and walking/biking trails throughout the BRADD, and help BRIGHT partners promote their use by local citizens.
  • In the workplace, be open to operational changes that promote healthy living and improve the bottom line.
  • Learn about free and low cost resources to help you support employee health and encourage healthy behaviors. 
  • Learn on our website how local schools and school systems are implementing a completely "tobacco free campus" policy - and loving it!  Then help spread these policies to other schools.
  • BRIGHT partners are collecting and sharing ideas from schools who are making positive, health-promoting changes. Share your own  ideas, and explore which ideas from your peer schools you might implement. 
  • Learn about local services and programs that can help medical patients adopt healthier lifestyle practices - to help them work in partnership with their physician for disease prevention. 
  • Participate in our assessments of the regional systems of primary care, mental health, and drug treatment services.
  • Work with us to build the most effective and equitable health care system possible. 
  • Bring new ideas to the table to help us build a healthy and BRIGHT future for the BRADD.

​A Call to Action - For You!