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Maintaining a healthy diet is an important part of improving and maintaining physical and mental health. For this reason, BRIGHT stakeholders are committed to working towards increasing the amount of accessibility and opportunities for BRADD residents to achieve proper nutrition. Here are some objectives from the BRIGHT's 2022-2025 Community Health Improvement Plan that focus on nutrition in the Barren River Area Development District (BRADD). 

Goal 1: Provide more access and opportunity for our residents to eat healthy.


Objective 1.1: Provide education to 10,000 BRADD residents per month on how to prepare healthy meals on a busy schedule and limited budget.


Strategy 1.1.1: We will share quick and easy recipe videos to social media, especially ones that support Fresh RX users.

Objective 1.2: Increase the acceptance of WIC as payment at community farmers' markets by 10% by 2025.


Strategy 1.2.1: We will encourage Butler County’s Farmers' Market to accept WIC by helping them through the process.


Strategy 1.2.2: We will encourage farmers to sign up to accept WIC by highlighting the benefits and ease of process and supporting the process as needed.

Objective 1.3: By 2025, provide three avenues through which residents are empowered to grow their own fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Strategy 1.3.1: We will set up and maintain seed libraries throughout the BRADD region.

Strategy 1.3.2: We will provide guides and tips on urban gardening techniques, especially in urban areas.

Strategy 1.3.3: We will establish and/or support community gardens in each county.

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