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Substance Use

Fatal overdoses rates reach as high as 39 in some Barren River Area counties. For this reason, BRIGHT stakeholders are committed to working towards reducing the amount of overdose deaths in the area. Here are some objectives from the BRIGHT's 2022-2025 Community Health Improvement Plan that focus on substance use in the Barren River Area Development District (BRADD). 

Goal 6: Reduce overdose deaths in BRADD.


Objective 6.1: Increase the number of syringe services programs (SSP) in BRADD to 5 and 1 mobile unit by 2025.


Strategy 6.1.1: We will find suitable locations to run the mobile unit to increase SSP’s reach in the community.


Strategy 6.1.2: We will get approval for SSP in Horse Cave, Edmonson and Allen County.

Objective 6.2: Increase Narcan accessibility in the BRADD area.

Strategy 6.2.1: We will increase access to Narcan in post-secondary settings (SKyCTC and WKU campuses).

Strategy 6.2.2: We will increase Narcan distribution in workplace environments.

Strategy 6.2.3: We will provide education on how and when to use Naloxone.

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