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The Barren River Initiative 
to Get Healthy Together

Community Health Dashboard

Health Begins in Our Community.

What is a Community Health Assessment (CHA)

Every 3 years, the BRIGHT Coalition completes a CHA for the BRADD region, which entails surveying the community, collecting data, and analyzing results to see what the biggest issues or needs are for the community. The data can then be used to design programs, implement services, develop policies, allocate community resources, and more.

Power Walk

BRIGHT's Health Planning Process

Steps to Health Planning                                                           Start Date             End Date                Status

  1. Reflect and Strategize                                                                             1-Jun-21                     31-Jul-21                      Complete

  2. Identify and Engage Stakeholders                                                         1-Jun-21                     1-Oct-21                        Complete

  3. Define the Community                                                                             1-Oct-21                      1-Nov-21                      Complete

  4. Collect and Analyze Data                                                                         1-Sep-21                     31-Dec-21                    Complete

  5. Prioritize Community Health Issues                                                       1-Dec-21                     31-Jan-22                    Complete

  6. Plan Implementation Strategies                                                             1-Feb-22                     16-May-22                    Complete

  7. Document and Communicate Results                                                    17-May-22                  30-Jun-22                     Complete

  8. Implement Strategies                                                                              1-Jul-22                       31-Dec-24                       Ongoing

  9. Evaluate Progress                                                                                    1-Jul-22                       31-Dec-24                       Ongoing
    Based on AHA's CHA Toolkit cycle, with steps 6 and 7 switched

CHA Toolkit

Data in this CHA Dashboard will be for various geographies including by county, BRADD as a whole, Barren River District as a whole, and Kentucky as whole. Some data isn't available for populations under 100,000; in those cases, Warren County may be the only county shown.


BRD Map.png

Barren River District (BRD) refers to the counties served by Barren River District Health Department: Barren, Butler, Edmonson, Hart, Logan, Metcalfe, Simpson, and Warren.

BRADD Map.png


Barren River Area Development District (BRADD) is made up of the 8 counties of BRD plus Allen and Monroe Counties.

A complex web of factors influence our health. Throughout this resource, we've spotlighted local data that gives insight into our social and economic context, physical environment, everyday behaviors, and health outcomes. Our healthcare system is also a core component of our community's health, so we've spotlighted insight into its impact in BRADD on its own page.

Social and Economic Context

Examples of social and economic context you'll see throughout this dashboard are:

  • Unemployment rates

  • Median household income

  • Educational attainment

  • Social welfare programs (WIC, SNAP)

  • Average meal cost

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