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Physical Activity

Greatest Health Problems Affecting Our Residents

Data from the 2021 BRIGHT Community Health Assessment (CHA) Survey shows overweight/obesity as the number one greatest health problem affecting our residents' households.


Being overweight (58.4%) and poor diet/eating habits (56.1%) were the second and third most chosen options when residents were asked to choose the greatest health problems they see in their community.

*The 2021 CHA survey did not get a representative sample, so this data was used to supplement and give context to external data shown below.

Running Group
Why Residents Find it Hard to be Physically Active
of respondents find it difficult to be physically active.

The number one reason people chose to explain why they find it difficult to be physically active was "I work long hours" (46.7%).​

Our 2021 CHA survey data* also identified the following as reasons why our residents find it difficult to be physically active:​​

  • A lack of affordable and accessible places to exercise

  • A lack of sidewalks and walking trails

  • Mental health barriers (depression)

  • Physical health barriers (allergies, injury, lung disease)

  • No one to exercise with

Click here for our strategies to better the physical activity habits of BRADD residents.

Social & Economic Context

Physical Environment


Health Outcomes 


The Barren River District Health Department, through collaboration provided by the BRIGHT Coalition, has set goals, objectives, and strategies to improve the health of our community. Below you'll find information on the strategies we are using or plan to use this CHIP cycle (2022-2024) to increase physical activity for BRADD residents.

Strategy #1

We will advocate for policy to support clean and clear sidewalks.

Strategy #3

We will create physical activity guides that highlight parks and their amenities, different types of physical activity, and more helpful information about physical activity opportunities in each county.

Strategy #2

We will advocate for more sidewalks and crosswalks, especially in our rural counties.

Strategy #4

We will host an annual BRIGHT physical activity challenge or event for BRADD residents.

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