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Substance Use

Click here for our strategies to reduce substance use among BRADD residents.

Social & Economic Context

Physical Environment


Health Outcomes Related to Substance Use


The Barren River District Health Department, through collaboration provided by the BRIGHT Coalition, has set goals, objectives, and strategies to improve the health of our community. Below you'll find information on the strategies we are using or plan to use this CHIP cycle (2022-2024) to reduce substance use in our community and support our residents with addiction and substance use disorders (SUD).

Strategy #1

We will find suitable locations to run the mobile unit to increase SSP’s reach in the community.

Strategy #2

We will get approval for SSP in 2 more cities/towns.

Strategy #3

We will advocate for a Nalox-Box in the community.

Strategy #4

We will distribute Naloxone in new SSP locations.

Strategy #5

We will provide education on how and when to use Naloxone.

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