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Tobacco Use

Smoking/vaping was the 4th most-chosen response to the riskiest behaviors respondents see in their community on the 2021 CHA Survey, with  49.7% of respondents choosing it. Click here for our strategies to combat tobacco use for BRADD residents.

Social & Economic Context

Physical Environment


Health Outcomes 

Local Resources


My Life My Quit is a free tobacco cessation program for teens and youth. This program educates about the truth of tobacco products and vaping. Text "Start My Quit" to 855.891.9989 or call to talk to a quitting coach.


The Freedom From Smoking (FFS) Cessation Program is ranked one of the top cessation programs in the country. The American Lung Association, Freedom From Smoking program has been helping people stop smoking for over 35 years. This smoking cessation program is one of the top ranked cessation programs in the country, with a 51% success rate at the end of the program. BRDHD provides sessions facilitated by health educators who are trained Tobacco Treatment Specialists.


Quit Now Kentucky is a bilingual service that provides tobacco screening, assessment, support materials, and proactive counseling.

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Breathe Easy Franklin-Simpson is a multimedia project by the Barren River District Health Department taking place in Simpson County over the course of 5 years. The goal of this project is to get a majority vote for a smoke-free ordinance in the city of Franklin, Kentucky. So far, BRDHD has created two Public Service Announcements to bring awareness to the dangers of smoking and vaping for youth in Simpson County.


The Barren River District Health Department, through collaboration provided by the BRIGHT Coalition, has set goals, objectives, and strategies to improve the health of our community. Below you'll find information on the strategies we are using or plan to use this CHIP cycle (2022-2024) to reduce tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke throughout our community.

Strategy #1

We will help educate parents and guardians about the risk and appearance of vaping products.

Strategy #4

We will help strengthen 100% tobacco-free schools.

Strategy #7

We will advocate for a smoke-free ordinance in Scottsville, the county seat of Allen County.

Strategy #2

We will provide education through school events, classes, in-school flyers, health fairs, media, and social media on the dangers of tobacco use, with an extra focus on vaping.

Strategy #5

We will provide cessation programming for school-aged tobacco users.

Strategy #8

We will advocate for a smoke-free ordinance in Franklin, the county seat of Simpson County.

Strategy #3

We will host an anti-vaping art competition for adolescent residents.​

Strategy #6

We will offer 1:1 tobacco cessation services.

Strategy #9

We will run a media/social media campaign on the dangers of secondhand smoke.

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